Apartment house in Kreuzlingen

  • Own power optimization: Own use of the generated PV power and increasing independence from the energy supplier
  • Security of supply in the event of a power failure
  • Saving of electricity costs
  • The system produces the general electricity requirement including heat pump heating

PV-Generator24 kWp
Inverter2 x 11 kVA (CENTURIO 10)
Battery20,5 kWh (5 x DOMUS 4.1)
InstallationJanuary 2017

Consumption curve WP in the apartment building

Zero energy office building


  • Create independence from the public power grid (reliability)
  • The building is energetically optimized, the power supply is to be completely taken over by CENTURIO inverters

PV-Generator24 kWp
Inverter2 x 11 kVA (CENTURIO 10)
Battery64 kWh (16 x DOMUS 4.1)
InstallationJune 2016

CENTURIO as Battery inverter

Installation in Winterthur

To operate the CENTURIO without PV, you need a DC source to start the CENTURIO.
See the box in the top left.
The system is operated on the PV side with a Solaredge inverter with optimizer. The CENTURIO is installed as a pure battery inverter.

PV-Generator10 kWp
Inverter1 x 11 kVA (CENTURIO 10)
Battery24 kWh (6 x DOMUS 4.1)
InstallationJuly 2019


  • Installation in Zimmer in Rottweil
  • Self-consumption optimization
  • 7.5 kWh are sufficient for night operation

Efficient Solar modules

Energy meter

Dimension: 170x280x92mm

10kW hybrid inverter

Dimensions (WxHxD): 610x552x200mm

7,5 kWh DOMUS 2.5
LiFePO4 batteries

One battery, dimensions: 440x180x328 mm

3 Batteries: 440x570x328 mm

PV-Generator7,5 kWp
Inverter1 x 11 kVA (CENTURIO 10)
Battery7,5 kWh (3 x DOMUS 2.5)
InstallationApril 2020

Container energy storage solution

Battery room 500 kWh

500 kW Inverter

Peak-shaving for industries


Peak load capping of current peaks from the grid.

Cost reduction of the purchase costs, especially the load peaks.

Combined with a photovoltaic system with 640 kWp output.


Lake Constance area
Installation 2016