We help you to achieve maximum independence from external power sources.

Grid parallel and island operation including automatic switchover

Outstanding partial load behavior for maximum range

Modular scalable for needs-based dimensioning

Barrier-free evaluation with the SEMS software

Smart control and measurement of energy consumption with current sensors

Full Shield Technology for maximum security of your energy storage

Maximum efficiency in individual components and the overall system

3-phase supply provides energy for the whole house


On-Grid & Off-Grid

  • flexible and secure
  • Power substitute and stand-alone operation
  • Automatic island switchover in the event of a power failure, UPS-compatible <20ms
  • Real sine output voltage even with emergency power supply
  • 10 kW hybrid inverter
  • 3-phase integration
  • 2 MPP trackers for different module orientations
  • Load compensation (<8s)
  • Highest efficiency of> 98.1%
  • Integrated battery management system (BMS)
  • Stable aluminum housing
  • Fanless

Energy Tower

Features and advantages:

  • Maximum safety performance with LFP technologies
  • Build-in aluminum heat sink, optional heating solutions
  • Compact design with flexible size options
  • IP 65 protection for indoor and outdoor use
  • Compatible with leading inverter brands
  • Black start function available, quick installation
  • Scalable in capacities of 7.1, 10.65, 14.2 und 17,76 kWh
  • 6.000 cycles at 80% DoD
  • 10 years performance garanty
  • Compact and easy to install

Smart Meter

  • Smart regulation for maximum performance
  • Accurate 3-phase power measurement
  • Real-time measurement
  • Bus connection to the inverter via RS 485 interface
  • Data acquisition of energy consumption, current, voltage, power, active power, frequency
  • Up to 120A current measurement (approx. 48 kW)
  • Self-consumption max. 3W
  • IP 20, top hat rail mounting
  • Connections for external current sensors
  • Easy installation

CLOUD Monitoring

The monitoring is connected via a WiFi interface. Simple connection to the router. Settings for the network conditions are made via an APP.
Selection of 4 different operating modes via APP.

Operating mode

There are three basic modes that the end user can select from the PV Master app.

    • General mode: During the day, the electricity generated by the PV system is used in the following order:
      Supply own consumers, then charge the battery and finally feed the excess electricity into the grid. At night the battery supplies the consumers with electricity. If the power supply from the batteries is insufficient, the system automatically connects to the grid to supply the consumers.
    • Backup mode: In this mode, the battery is only used as a backup power supply if the utility grid fails. As long as the mains is working, the batteries are not used to power the loads. The battery is charged with the electricity generated by the PV system or the grid.
    • Economy mode: The customer can set the charging and discharging times of the battery in accordance with the peak and off-peak tariffs and the household's electricity consumption habits