The control center of your electrical  power supply solution!

Off-grid and On-grid operation

Best part load performance

Pre-configured charging modes

Accessible user interface

5kW Hybrid-Inverter


  • High Power - Full 5 kW inverter output is available
  • Autarky - The 1-phase design and the instant UPS function(<5ms) are the base for backup and off-grid operation
  • Flexible - 2 integrated MPP tracker allow integration in various photovoltaic installations
  • Best Performance - Efficiencies of >97% and high part load performance for best electrical yield
  • Electrical Quality - True sinus output with single phase compensation performs better than the power grid
  • Intelligent Safety - Integrated battery management system and protective relays monitor the system and safely disconnect if necessary
  • Easy Install - Adapter plate and low weight design
  • GEN-SET - Easy connection for GEN-Set
  • LiFePO4 Battery with long life time
  • Flexible size starting from 2.5 kWh up to 20 kWh
  • IP 65 Housing

Efficiency curve of GOLLUM 5.0

DOMUS 4850